Spring is here at last

Everything is late this year but for the arrival of the chiffchaff. This dear little warbler, a summer visitor, darts around the garden rising distinctively in the air to catch insects. Alternatively he can be heard from a high branch loudly singing his instantly recognisable repetitive chiff-chaff song as a territorial chant prior to the arrival of the females. Small groups of brightly-coloured goldfinches have also been recent visitors to supplement the regular chaffinches, tits and sparrows. Also heard singing melodiiously has been the blackbird and we expect several to nest close to us. All flowering plants have been delayed by at least a fortnight owing to the severe prolonged winter that we have experienced this year. Currently three of our selection of magnolias are flowering magnificently and the first three varieties of cherry trees are showing their first delicate blooms. Even the daffodils were late and several cultivars are yet to open. We have accordingly held back our official opening for the season until this weekend.

Red Flower Sue Clark | Golwg yr Ynys | Carnhedryn | Solva | Haverfordwest | SA62 6XT