Autumn visitors

With the shortening days and worsening weather comes the arrival of many birds to cheer us. Robins follow us as we turn over the soil and tits, sparrows and finches return to the bird-feeders. Enormous flocks of starlings invade the skies and solitary snipe are flushed from ditches as we approach on our walks. The corn stubble has attracted large flocks of young finches and the local population of buzzards can be seen and heard as they gather at dusk over the stand of pine trees at the edge of the moor. Occasionally we hear the honking of skeins of geese on their migrations and look up to spot the familiar v-shaped flight formations. We are looking forward to the arrival of the winter flocks of thrushes. The many plantings of trees and shrubs are taking good hold in the garden now and producing plenty of annual growth. This is affording much more shelter over the stormy and chilly seasons and all our plants and wildlife seem to be appreciating the greater calm in the various enclosed areas.

Red Flower Sue Clark | Golwg yr Ynys | Carnhedryn | Solva | Haverfordwest | SA62 6XT