A close call

We were only seconds away from a major disaster in the garden today. It was extremely fortunate that Sue was working in the beds around the driveway at the time. First she heard a loud mooing coming from the lane and knowing that no cattle were grazing on land nearby she jumped up quickly to investigate only to be faced with an approaching herd of cows and calves. They were clearly unaccompanied and had only two choices of direction namely from the lane onto the main road or into our garden. Both alternatives were unthinkable. Sue stood her ground at the end of the driveway (which has no gate) and hollered for husband Paul who was quietly doing some potting in the shed at the other side of the plot. Sues tone sounded rather urgent and so Paul dropped everything and rushed to the rescue. Standing in the middle of the lane defiantly and shouting and gesturing "get back" and "shoo" and hoping the cattle were in a good mood we managed to halt their progress and after some tense moments they began to attempt to turn in the narrow confines of the lane. What a relief! There must have been thirty animals at least and they clearly had been driven along the lane by pursuing motorists unaware of the consequences and only seeking their destination. Five minutes in the garden would have been a catastrophe. But they were off back down the lane squeezing past the bemused motorists with us in hot pursuit. A crash course in cattle-droving! Luckily a neighbour knew who to telephone and soon they were safely back in their field.

On a much brighter note, a keen-eyed visitor today spotted our first frog in the pond. Hopefully more will follow and we might have frogspawn in the spring!

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