Heralds of summer

The summer visitors of the feathered kind have begun to arrive. We have heard the chiffchaff warbler and spotted in our garden the whitethroat warblers and first swallows feeding on the growing airborne colonies of flies and midges as the air warms up. Yesterday we made our annual spring trip to Picton Castle Plant Hunter's Fair to seek new additions to our garden. We managed to find one or two new geraniums, the unusual adenophora and ligusticum scoticum, lobelias and penstemon White Bedder despite the appalling weather in the morning. We were more fortunate with the weather this afternoon which brought a few more human visitors to our garden. It is now 2 months since we opened to the public for the NGS and we have had 89 visitors so far which is encouraging. Comments have been very favourable. As the days lengthen we notice the ever-changing succession of flowering plants. The early spring varieties have faded and the burgeoning green of summer perennials is accelerating. Sitting in the garden in the evening is now a frequent pleasure.

Red Flower Sue Clark | Golwg yr Ynys | Carnhedryn | Solva | Haverfordwest | SA62 6XT