A glorious spring day

After a rather grey and cool week today was a big surprise- lovely warm sunshine all day and plenty of visitors to show around the garden. Many spring plants are bursting into bloom such as rhododendron Cilpinense and corylopsis pauciflora. Even forsythia and flowering currants have their first blooms. Mowing the grass and tidying borders today reduced us to short-sleeved shirts. Some visitors arrived in open-topped cars! Sitting outside became more than a mere possibility. And the good light ran on into the evening.

On another note we think we have solved our nibbled primrose mystery. Several blackbirds hopping around the undergrowth have sported rather guilty looks whenever disturbed. Reports from similarly affected visitors lend weight to this bird theory. Sparrows also seem to carry some of the blame and our reluctant policy of reducing feeding for a while appears to be working though we miss their company.

Red Flower Sue Clark | Golwg yr Ynys | Carnhedryn | Solva | Haverfordwest | SA62 6XT