Garden And Plants In Pembrokeshire

At Golwg yr Ynys, the CRYSTAL GARDEN is a medium-sized and relatively young garden, about 3/4 acre, packed with garden favourites with a good number of less-well-known shrubs and perennials. We are open to visitors on most days. We are also open via the National Gardens Scheme.

Light REFRESHMENTS are available to garden visitors.


  • Daily Sunday 16 April to Monday 17 April (1 - 5pm)
  • Daily Sunday 7 May to Sunday 21 May (1 - 5pm)
  • Daily Thursday 1 June to Wednesday 14 June (1 - 5pm)
  • Daily Saturday 1 July to Friday 14 July (1 - 5pm)
  • Daily Tuesday 1 August to Thursday 10 August (1 - 5pm)
  • Daily Saturday 2 September to Saturday 9 September (1 - 5pm)
  • Visitors also welcome by arrangement May to October (Please ring to check 01437 721 082)

The PLANTING consists of a wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses from all regions of the globe arranged to make the best use of the available habitats. Flowers and seasonal interest are assured at all times of the year. The inner garden consists of a series of sheltered 'rooms' whilst the outer garden has long borders, trees and a grassland walk. We have a selection of plants grown in the garden available to purchase.

The Garden

The winters here are relatively mild. We seldom experience frosts. We are however quite exposed and the wind-chill factor at times can be significant. All our plants however are grown without the aid of greenhouses or polytunnels and need to be tough. There are around 1000 varieties of plants in the garden.


We are very interested in the notion of planting trees and shrubs to improve the environment and to help to combat climate change. We have many species of trees growing here, albeit recent plantings, and we hope to be able to determine which of these cope best with our local climate. We believe that large-scale tree planting is the best way of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and we would encourage everybody to plant suitable trees wherever they have space.

The Garden The Garden

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